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Sealing Your Criminal Records

Orders for Non-Disclosure and Expunction in Denton, Texas

If you find that you are having a difficult time obtaining work, educational opportunities, loans, or housing as a result of an arrest, contact The Law Office of Nathan Miller today to determine whether you are eligible to seal your records through the process of non-disclosure. In Texas, after you successfully complete Deferred Adjudication probation you may be eligible to petition the court for an Order of Non-Disclosure. Such an Order will require the governmental agencies and law enforcement entities that are allowed to maintain criminal records to not disclosure them to the public for any reason. Not all offenses are eligible for non-disclosure, and many have waiting periods before you can petition the court. Contact The Law Office of Nathan Miller and allow the firm to investigate your eligibility.

If you were arrested but your charge was dismissed or you were acquitted at trial by a verdict of Not Guilty, you will be eligible for an Expunction of your criminal records. When you expunge a criminal record, you can lawfully deny that you were ever arrested or charged with a crime and your past will not be revealed in background checks. Working with a Denton County expunction lawyer from The Law Office of Nathan Miller can ensure your ability to reach all of your personal and professional goals after an arrest.

Contact The Law Office of Nathan Miller today!

Are you tired of being haunted by your past? When you contact The Law Office of Nathan Miller, your eligibility for expungement and records sealing can be thoroughly reviewed by an experienced attorney. Nathan Miller stands ready to ensure that each individual who seeks his representation is afforded the highest quality of legal counsel for their case. If you are looking to seal or expunge your records, do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Nathan Miller today and schedule a free initial consultation.