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Protect Your Freedom and Reputation after a Sex Crime in Texas

Any criminal accusation can be difficult to deal with. Individuals facing sex crime charges in Texas, however, could be forced to deal with extremely harsh repercussions. You may not even have to be convicted of a sex crime to experience the long-lasting impact an allegation can have on your life.

The moment you discover that you are under investigation for a sex crime, or as soon as you have been arrested, it is imperative that you speak with a Denton sex crime attorney right away – before speaking with the police.

If you are facing charges for a sex crime in Texas, contact our Denton sex crime lawyer today at (940) 580-4287 to start discussing your options.

Types of Sex Offenses

At The Law Office of Nathan Miller we have experience defending our clients from all types of sex crimes throughout Denton including:

  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Public indecency
  • Indecency with a minor
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Child molestation

Do not let a sex offense allegation ruin your future.​ Get the defense you need to move on with your life – call the firm at (940) 580-4287 immediately.

What are the Penalties for Sex Crimes?

The Law Office of Nathan Miller brings a full arsenal to combat these serious allegations - utilizing defense investigators, forensic computer analysts, polygraph examiners, licensed sex offender treatment providers, and psychiatrists to ensure that the client's rights and freedom are protected. Sometimes these cases are prepped for jury trial. Other times these cases are mitigated for favorable plea bargain agreements. Either way, you cannot afford to sit back and wait for a court date to think about which firm you want guiding you through the process.

Without the representation of an experienced Denton criminal defense lawyer, you could face serious prison time, high fines, invasive and difficult sex offender probation, and mandatory sex offender registration. Registration can even be required if you are granted deferred adjudication probation.

Sex Offender Registry

The sex offender registry is online database that has your name, age, distinguishing characteristics and details about the crime that you were convicted of. This stays with you for a lifetime so this can have a huge impact on finding a place to work and live. That is why you need the help of an experienced sex crime attorney from The Law Office of Nathan Miller.

    Committed to Defending Clients Accused of Sex Crimes

    Your rights, freedoms, and interests are of the highest priority at The Law Office of Nathan Miller. Having handlThe National Trial Lawyers - Top 100ed serious sex offense defense matters in the past, Nathan Miller knows which avenues of defense can help secure the best possible outcome for you.

    Do not assume you will be convicted. Do not assume you have no options. Do not assume you are alone.

    Due to the sensitive and often emotional nature of sex crime allegations in Texas, The Law Office of Nathan Miller completely understands your need for discretion and privacy at this time. Though it is ideal to keep you case out of the public eye, he is confident in his ability to litigate fiercely on your behalf so that your side of the story is heard and believed.

    Why You Need Our Sex Crime Lawyer in Your Corner

    Attorney Miller's Professional Accomplishments

    • Successfully represented Clients before Grand Jury and University Dean of Students
    • 2015 President of the Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
    • Speaker on Grand Jury Defense to the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
    • Former Assistant District Attorney, Denton County, Texas
    • Top Attorney Award by the Fort Worth, Texas Magazine
    • Named in Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association

    Mission Statement

    "To be tireless in my defense preparation, fearless in the courtroom, and gracious with my time in an effort to better my clients' lives."

    - Attorney Miller

    Committed to Total Client Satisfaction

    "During our first conversation and knowing little about the incident, he predicted the actions the investigators were taking and was able to advise me on the next steps and calm my panic. His predictions were dead on and I did not do anything to hurt my case because of them. ... By some miracle, and the hard work of Nathan, the jurors decided not to indict me on any of the charges. This was the best possible outcome and I am eternally grateful to Nathan for essentially saving my life!"

    - Ian, Child Abuse

    "A straight shooter and true professional. In my case Nathan took the time to listen to understand that kind of trouble I was in, walked me through the legal process, from letting me know what my rights were, what the possible outcome could be (best & worst)….I felt confident about him handling my case."

    - Ed, Criminal Defense

    History of Proven Results

    Our Past Results:

    • Felony Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child & Indecency with a Child – Dismissed
    • Burglary with Intent to Commit a Sex Offense – Felony Reduced & Avoided Sex Offender Registration
    • Aggravated Sexual Assault – Case Dismissed, No Registration, Expunction Eligibility

    Sex Crime Conviction & Mandatory Sex Offender Registry in Texas

    Handcuffed - sex crimes in Texas

    Of course, the specifics of any case are carefully considered by prosecutors and judges when determining overall penalties. Any sex crime conviction can result in you having to abide by the state sex offender registration laws. The sex offender registry makes it possible for any individual, including potential employers, neighbors and family members, to obtain information about a convicted sex offender and his or her sex crime in Texas.

    On the registry the following will be included:

    • Your name
    • Age
    • Height and weight
    • Address
    • Photo
    • Criminal conviction
    • Any other identifiable information

    Not only is this potentially embarrassing, but it can jeopardize your ability to successfully apply for a job, scholarship, university, mortgage, or loan. It is important that you take immediate action to protect yourself and your future by contacting The Law Office of Nathan Miller right away.

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    Learn more about your options by requesting a confidential consultation. All evaluations are of no risk to you and are handled in the utmost degree of privacy.

    Charged with a sex crime in Texas? Don't hesitate to contact us today.

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    • “He answered EVERY question and made the whole process easy, quick, and simple.”

      Criminal Defense Client

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    • “Always felt as if he had my best interest at heart and truly wanted to help me.”

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    What are the benefits of hiring a former prosecutor?

    • Understands the criminal system, including how evidence is gathered and how police reports are created

    • Recognizes how proactive representation can affect filing charges in the first moments after a criminal arrest

    • Knowledge of how the opposing prosecutors will try to develop a case against you

    • Identifies potential options that can question any evidence found in a way that could have violated your constitutional rights

    • Uses his knowledge to prevent prosecutors from pursing a criminal conviction, which could improve your chances of charge reduction, acquittal, dismissal, or even expunction

    • Confident in his ability to negotiate and litigate – rather than simply settle for a plea bargain